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 Recruit Applications

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PostSubject: Recruit Applications   Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:41 am

Welcome to the Knights of the Phoenix Headquarters. I am Lord Warrok, Grand Master of the Knights of the Phoenix. Myself and my team of Manpower Officers are here to guide you through the entry process and help ease you into the military environment that will take you to a new level in personal development and stature as a citizen of this fine country.

To enter the headquarters you will need to fill out an application form posted below. Please make sure you fill in each section.

As we are a military organization, security is a top concern. While you will have access to the lobby and the recruitment office, you can not enter the barracks and inner offices before your application is processed and accepted.

If you need further information, please PM me with your questions, Id be happy to answer.

For our new recruits, welcome, we hope to see you as an active and responsible member of this honorable institution. The default peacetime requirement for all KoP personnel is to be active, prepared for duty, timely in roll calls.

Good luck everyone, and importantly, have fun.

Quote :
1) In-Game Name:

2) Residence (County & Town):

3) Why do you want to join KoP?

4) Who recruited you (or how did you hear about KoP)

5) Either MSN or yahoo messenger address so we may interview you
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Recruit Applications
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